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The world is changing and nowhere is this happening faster than how we communicate.. For career minded individuals every new way to communicate is another new way to network!   The challenge with these new resources is not only to be aware of them, but how to effectively use them to advance your career.  With countless new social media sites, career sites and thousands of job boards, networking today can be an overwhelming experience to say the least.  Longer working hours and after work commitments can make it very difficult to network your career.  How do you speak to a potential employer when by the time you get home, they’re closed?  Sure you can email or fax your resume, but do you have any idea where it ends up?  Is it on the right person or wrong person’s desk? Did they even get it?  Most companies today don’t even reply.  If only you:

  • had professional relationships with the hiring authorities
  • got prompt or immediate feedback when you applied
  • had plenty of time to find that perfect job
  • had all the tools and expertise needed in today’s modern job search
  • understand the ins and outs of mechanic resumes
  • were an expert with social media
The solution?  Maizis & Miller, North America’s only dedicated recruiter for heavy truck and machinery professionals and the industries that employ them.  What makes us so special? Lots.  But it starts with a 100% recruiting focus staffed by knowledgeable expert recruiters that know your industry, trade and how to reach the right people.  Maizis & Miller- Recruitment Specialists, a free strategic career resource, available whenever you need it, at any point in your career!

Our exclusive focus and innovative offerings backed with an outstanding team of HR professionals all give Maizis & Miller our unprecedented expertise.  More and more candidates and clients are starting to see the many benefits offered by a firm dedicated to their career.

Why create a free account with Maizis & Miller?

For starters, it helps keep you organized by tracking all jobs you applied to and its status on both websites, Maizis & Miller and Mechanics Hub, our trade resource site. Your account also allows you to set up several custom job alerts that notify you the moment a new opportunity becomes available. This can be a real strategic advantage in today’s fast paced world. Once created, you can:

• apply to all our jobs without having to continually upload and attach your resume each and every time;
• add and edit your profile;
• upload up to 3 different resumes and/or multiple certifications; and
• apply to any job from either your desktop or mobile device with the click of a button.

Please note, this is your private account and does not register you with Maizis & Miller for employment consideration. In order to become part of the Maizis & Miller network, you must apply to a job position and contact a recruiter.


Detroit Diesel
Link-Belt Cranes

We’ve Got Mechanics to Fix Everything

Maizis & Miller is the only recruiter in North America that specializes 100% in placing mechanics in permanent direct hire opportunities.  You won’t find a job board with a more diversified offering of mechanic and trade related career opportunities anywhere on the Internet.  Whatever your skill or expertise, whatever type of equipment or trucks that you’re experienced with, Maizis & Miller has the opportunity waiting for you.
National Crane
John Deere

Positions We Recruit

Maizis & Miller places more mechanics and trade related professionals than any other company in the world. This is our niche and where our focus lies. We place these mechanics in environments using equipment that range from skid steers, class 8 trucks and all the way up to large mining machinery. We work in various industries ranging from forestry, mining, construction, transportation, logistics, crane, agriculture, oil & gas, and marine. All positions we offer are permanent, full time, direct hire career opportunities with full benefits. Our goal is to build career long relationships with the Diesel Machinery Professionals we place on a daily basis. In today’s fast changing world, it makes good career sense to stay aware of potentially career enhancing opportunities.

  • Agricultural Equipment

    Agricultural Equipment

  • Bus & Coach

    Bus & Coach

  • Construction Equipment

    Construction Equipment

  • Crawler & Truck-Mounted Crane

    Crawler & Truck-Mounted Crane

  • Diesel Engine

    Diesel Engine

  • Diesel Truck-Trailer

    Diesel Truck-Trailer

  • Forestry Equipment

    Forestry Equipment

  • Forklift & Material Handling

    Forklift & Material Handling

  • Liquid/Bulk Tanker

    Liquid/Bulk Tanker

  • Marine


  • Mining Equipment

    Mining Equipment

  • Oil & Gas Equipment

    Oil & Gas Equipment

  • Parts, Sales & Service

    Parts, Sales & Service

  • Shop Management

    Shop Management

  • Trailer


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Click the question to reveal its answer. Can’t find an answer? Search our site or contact us.

How much do your services cost?

There is no cost to candidates for our job consulting services. We are compensated by the companies we work with and on whose behalf we find qualified candidates that fit their job requirements.

What are the benefits of registering with Maizis & Miller?

We are North America’s only dedicated recruiter for Diesel Mechanics and Electricians – we focus exclusively on these trades and related positions, so you won’t find Accounting or I.T. jobs on our site. You will deal directly with a licenced trade journeyman recruiter or a certified HR professional that really knows and understands your trade. Our focus on this niche market has allowed us to develop strong relationships with hiring authorities throughout these industries. The result is that your résumé gets attention. and – Maizis & Miller has developed 2 of the largest and most content-rich resources and online communities for Diesel Mechanics and Electricians. An added benefit for the tradespeople we serve and a recruiting industry first.

What happens when I send you my resume?

When we receive your resume, we review your qualifications and skills as quickly as possible. You will be contacted within 48 hours if your qualifications meet our client’s requirements for the position you applied for. We submit our top three candidates for each position. After contacting you, we create a unique profile for you in our database where all future activity and communications will be recorded. We keep a complete documented history for each candidate. Additionally, our recruiters will get an understanding of your background and employment requirements and include this information in your profile. Our goal is to provide each candidate with a professional recruiting service that can be used as a strategic resource at any point in their career.

How long will it take you to find me a job?

The time it takes for us to help candidates find jobs is highly variable due to factors like the current job market, location, skills, qualifications, etc. We have found jobs for candidates within a week, sometimes a month or two, and in some cases it’s a year before an excellent opportunity presents itself. Although we cannot guarantee we will find you a job, we can guarantee that our services will improve your chances of finding the job you are looking for. Even if you are not in the process of looking for a job, it makes good career sense to stay aware of potential career enhancing opportunities.

How do I know if I am being paid enough?

Wages and compensation vary across regions, industries, positions, hours, locations, job responsibilities, and more. Our team of dedicated recruiters will advise you of whether your compensation level is competitive based on industry and trade norms. Our recruiters are experts in salary potential and offer this advice to assist candidates with salary negotiations.

Will my current employer find out that I am looking for other work?

We understand your concerns and respect your privacy. We will not call or email you at work out of respect for you and your current employer. Our service is completely confidential and only references that you provide will be contacted with your permission.

How will I find time to attend interviews?

Top talent is usually employed, so most employers understand the difficulty in getting away or travelling long distances to attend interviews. We will work with you and the employer to find mutually suitable times and locations for your interviews. Depending on circumstances, it may be a phone or an in-person interview or, in some cases, our clients fly in candidates at the company’s expense for a face-to-face interview after an initial phone screening.

How can I make my resume more attractive to potential employers?

When necessary, we assist our candidates with marketing themselves in the most effective and efficient ways. We review resumes to make sure they include all relevant experience to present their skill set in the “best light” possible. We also provide advice on resume writing in the Career Advice section of our website.

How often will you contact me?

We are here if and when you need us. Our passive job alert notification system automatically notifies you by either e-mail or text as soon as a position matching your job search criteria gets posted. This Job Alert feature can be set up directly from the My Account page. This feature ensures that you never miss out on that perfect career opportunity again. Please remember, it’s your responsibility to keep us up to date with any changes to your certification, experience or contact information.

Are all your job opportunities posted?

Many companies use our network to proactively recruit talent for their organization on an ongoing basis. In many cases, it may be to replace an existing employee, so discretion must be used to protect our client’s anonymity. In these situations, at our client’s discretion, not all positions will be posted.

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